Open Studio

The Kiln offers open studio hours for ceramic artists and experienced potters.  Artists are welcome any time during open business hours, when there are no classes currently in session. Calling ahead is recommended to ensure we have space for you!

Hourly open studio Pricing

Studio time is priced by the hour, in half hour increments. $10 per hour


The Kiln sells clay for all your ceramic needs. Cone 06/04 only. $10 per pound


Firing cost depends on the size of your pieces. We add up the height, length, and depth of each of your pieces to determine the cost. Use of our glazes is included in the cost of firing. Discounts offered for large quantities. 


Do you make your art at home? No problem! Bring in your work and we'll fire it for you. Cone 04/06 or lower only.

Interested in our Monthly or Yearly Studio Subscription?

Monthly and yearly open studio is perfect for artists who often need a space to work. Perks of monthly and yearly open studio are:

Unlimited studio access

Reduced fees for supplies

Studio storage space


$100 Monthly

$1.50 per lb of clay

(a 50lb box of clay for $75) 

$50 Monthly

$1.50 per lb of clay

(a 50lb box of clay for $75) 



Give us a call to learn more!


Bulk Firing Options for At-Home Artists:

Subscription to an open studio plan not necessary for bulk firing options.

For firing individual pieces, price will be calculated by size.

If you wish to fire at cone 6, you must buy a full kiln firing.

Clay and/or glaze cost can be excluded if you wish.

Quarter Kiln Firing

with 12.5 lbs of clay

and 6 oz of glaze


Half Kiln Firing

with 25 lbs of clay

 and 10 glaze


Full Kiln Firing

with 50 lbs of clay

 and 16 oz glaze