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Glass Fusion

fun for everyone!

Glass fusion is a process of firing glass to a  low temperature in the kiln so the glass pieces are permanently bonded. It sounds complicated, but it's actually very easy!

Using small pieces of glass called "chips" and "frit", create your one of a kind design! We will fire your glass piece into your choice of finished products: A hanging suncatcher, a flat tile, or we can slump your glass into a plate or bowl.

Love Jewelry?

Us too! Ask us about making glass necklace pendants or earrings!

How it Works:

1. Use glue to attach your design to a base sheet of glass. Any shape or size up to 11 inches. Safety glass is available for the kids, and we have frits and chips available in every color.

2. We add a sheet of glass under the base, and a loop on the top if you're making a suncatcher.

3. Time to fire! We use special paper to set the glass on in the kiln. If you're making a tile or suncatcher, you're all finished!

4. Bowls, plates, and other slumped glass pieces require a second firing to shape the glass.

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